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Today, law firms face the intense security and data integrity requirements of Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), HIPPA and e-discovery compliance, while needing ready-now, high-bandwidth data access.

Bandwidth demands have jumped significantly over the past few years at a mid-sized law firm's offices, with attorneys and personnel in offices spread across the U.S. Previously, the firm had increasingly sluggish access to centrally run systems. Their technology was not keeping up with the world of billable hours and tight schedules.

Since this provider of legal services, to many of the world’s largest corporations, banks, and accounting firms, managed highly sensitive content it sought additional precautions to secure intra-firm and client connectivity. The law firm knew that using regional ISPs may introduce unknown levels of security, which can put the firm at risk of a security breach.


  • Law firm needed ability to securely send mission critical, private information between their sites without down-time
  • Wanted a custom, secure, private network to share data with a major customer

Network Requirements

  • Interoffice Connectivity
  • Disaster Recover and Business Continuity
  • Manage large amounts of data sent over WAN/LAN daily
  • Improve data transfer performance across WAN
  • Need fibre optic connectivity up-time 365 days a year
  • Increase network traffic flow at moments notice
  • HIPPA, SOX and e-discovery compliance issues

They also needed connectivity between New York City, Washington DC, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle and London. And, Metro connectivity from their local offices to major customer locations in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, San Diego and Seattle.

Reasons This Law Firm Chose AboveNet

  • Faster Interoffice Connectivity
  • Off-site data replication for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Securely send large amounts of daily data over WAN/LAN
  • Improved performance of email, web, document management, CRM and finance applications across WAN
  • Providing highly-secure fibre optic connectivity up-time, 365 days a year
  • Able to increase network traffic flow at a moments notice

The private, high-bandwidth solution provided the firm dramatically increased and secured their bandwidth . This cost-effective solution quickly delivered increased productivity as their personnel gained faster access to centralized software applications.

AboveNet eWAN Solution

  • Fully Redundant MPLS Backbone
  • Native Ethernet Interface – No Protocol conversion required
  • Low Latency Connectivity Solution
  • Point-to-Point, Full and Partial Mesh interconnectivity options
  • Burst Bandwidth available up to 1Gbps