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Your first choice for ultra-low latency network performance

Today’s financial services market is highly competitive. It’s essential that your business makes the right connectivity choices in order to support your mission critical network services. Factors such as the need for ultra-low latency, the requirement to connect with multiple trade execution venues, the growth of algorithmic trading, increasing data volumes and dramatically expanding storage needs all combine to make poor connectivity a major constraint on your business performance. Making the right connectivity choices today can make all the difference between your future success and failure.

That’s where AboveNet and its dedicated fibre-optic connectivity solutions for the financial services market can help. We operate one of London’s newest, most advanced and secure network and our purpose-built fibre infrastructure is ideally placed to meet your current  and future networking requirements. When it comes to ultra-low latency, AboveNet’s powerful fibre solutions are the logical choice for today’s demanding financial services organisations. You can rely on our network performance, backed by our unrivalled security and proven reliability.

The AboveNet Difference for Financial Services

  • Ultra-low latency – your business demands the highest performance, we offer the shortest routes to deliver the best results.
  • Footprint – our network extends into every major London datacentre, co-location facility and trading venue as well as financial services buildings across London with connectivity into Europe and the US.
  • Capacity – whatever your connectivity requirements are today or in the future, AboveNet has the capacity to meet them with our ability to deliver numerous individual optical fibres and Terabits of capacity within Greater London and other key locations.
  • Security – delivered on private fibre, our connectivity solutions are provisioned entirely over our own fibre network, ensuring the highest levels of security for your key financial applications.
  • Future-proof – we ensure the most advanced fibre is deployed, and our solutions are capable of supporting the latest 40 Gbps and future 100 Gbps technologies. Deploy fibre once and you have a strategic platform for the future.

AboveNet Levels the Trading Connectivity Playing Field

Today’s financial markets are evolving faster than ever before. Trading patterns are changing, new market entrants are creating new opportunities and the growth in alternative trading strategies through automated and algorithmic engines is making the requirement for ultra-low latency performance a pre-requisite rather than a competitive advantage.

It is essential for market participants to ensure their communications infrastructure is able to support both current and future market activities. Whether you’re an Exchange or Multilateral Trading Facility wanting  to enhance accessibility, a prime broker looking to send order flow to more competitive electronic markets or an asset manager needing to access continuous streams of global market data, the connectivity imperatives are the same: ultra-low latency, unquestionable reliability, the highest levels of security and complete flexibility.

AboveNet’s network links into all London’s major trading venues, meaning the same low-latency solutions are available to everyone. This has levelled the playing field for trading connectivity.

Setting the Ultra-Low Latency Performance Standard

In building our fibre network, AboveNet anticipated the financial services sector’s escalating demand for high-bandwidth, resilience and secure data transfer.

Unlike traditional voice and data networks, AboveNet’s FinanceNet services were designed from conception as a purpose built infrastructure, with the ability to provide high-bandwidth dedicated solutions to individual financial services firms. These range from simple, point-to-point services through to comprehensive high quality, dark fibre and wavelength-based networks which means that we can support all your mission-critical applications.

Delivering ultra-low latency connectivity over dedicated fibre optic networks, AboveNet removes the barriers imposed by traditional telecoms providers that pass through multiple exchanges and add latency at every router and switch. Our dedicated fibre-optic solutions offer the shortest fibre routes delivering networks that can provide a real competitive advantage.

An Unrivalled High Performance Fibre Footprint in London

AboveNet’s London fibre network extends from the Docklands, through the City, West End to Slough, linking all London’s major financial districts. Our network extends into every major London datacentre, Trading Exchanges, leading brokers and investment houses, as well as an extensive set of commercial buildings. With connections to all these key London sites, there’s a good chance our fibre network already connects to your building today!

Removing Capacity Boundaries

AboveNet’s FinanceNet helps financial service companies remove the need for incumbent telecommunications services by replacing them with a dedicated fibre-optic network capable of scaling exponentially. 

Market-Leading Levels of Security

Security is an essential component of any financial services connectivity solution, and we address this through a holistic approach covering both physical and operational elements. Fibre leased from AboveNet is for each customer’s exclusive use: no other traffic is passed over the fibre network and private data can’t be accessed.

Our metropolitan fibre network is constructed to provide the highest levels of protection against threats of terrorism, vandalism and accidental damage. AboveNet owns and controls access to 1,500 plus chambers across our network, and we have installed our cable at the deepest points on the network to ensure the greatest security and protection. Our chambers are all protected by dual lockable lids that ensure further security.

Proven Reliability for the Financial Services Sector

Our combination of physical security and best practice design ensures the highest levels of reliability – since our London network was completed in 2001, we have provided our customers with true high-avalibility services.  A key feature of our network design is its ability to allow for diverse routing options, ensuring that solutions can be precisely configured to meet the demanding individual needs of our customers. AboveNet guarantees its network performance for customers by providing tailored Service
Level Agreements.

AboveNet continues to invest in the future of our network and we are constantly extending our infrastructure to reach new financial services centres and commercial buildings. We’re also committed to ensuring the most advanced fibre available is deployed so we have the capacity to meet future demands.

The AboveNet Service

AboveNet understands that technology is only part of offering excellent service. We have created a world-class support organisation to match our industry-leading service portfolio.

End-to-end customer support: Unlike other connectivity providers, AboveNet concentrates solely on the  provision of high quality, high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency, end-to-end optical fibre network solutions. We support our activities with a dedicated, end-to-end service approach that includes comprehensive Account Management, Project Management and Service Management.

Account Management: AboveNet customers are assigned a  dedicated Account Manager, supported by a fast quotation process that includes detailed mapping information showing  route diversity, route distances and latency, critical to making the right connectivity choices. The route maps give precise calculations of distance and latency and can provide our financial sector customers with exact performance projections at the early project planning stage. This network accuracy, backed by our in-house installation expertise, helps us to provide the fastest fibre-optic network provisioning to ensure optimum performance of our services

Project Management: AboveNet customers benefit from in-depth expertise, with  PRINCE2 and full APM accredited project managers.

Service Management: Once installed, AboveNet customers have access to our Network Management Centre (NMC), with all enquiries tracked by a centralised ticketing system. We employ a team of customer support engineers that operate 24 hours a day, while our Service Management team conducts ongoing service reviews to ensure optimum performance of our services.
From initial contact to live service can take as little as 10 days, helping financial sector organisations to move quickly and take advantage of time constrained business opportunities. (pdf to be included I have attached this in the zip file)