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Solutions Overview

We Deliver Networks for the World’s Most Demanding Customers

Metro and Wide Area High Bandwidth Networks, the difference is choice:
AboveNet is a leading provider of high bandwidth connectivity solutions that manages and maintains its own facilities-based private network.

AboveNet offers solutions that bypass the ILEC/CLEC networks. This network design enables our customers to create efficient, cost-effective networks that can exceed the performance and economic barriers of the last mile of complex and vulnerable legacy telecom infrastructures. The result is lower total cost of ownership for our customer’s networks.

AboveNet takes a Data Center neutral approach to help customers access the high-bandwidth network solutions they need most, while providing fibre optic connectivity to approximately 400 public and private Data Centers. The AboveNet network provides high-bandwidth metro access to WDM, Ethernet, VPN and IP networks, and managed services tailored to solve critical IT business issues for its customers, such as regulatory compliance, business continuity, disaster recovery, and security.

AboveNet has the expertise and high bandwidth connectivity solutions to meet your specific business needs

Here is how our customers use our high bandwidth solutions to enable their mission critical applications

  • Major Broadcasters use AboveNet’s high bandwidth connectivity solutions to facilitate broadcasting of their live shows and to store historical video content to remote datacentres
  • Pre and Post Film Production Houses are using fibre optic connectivity solutions to provide on lot virtualized post production capabilities for all new films
  • Online Gaming and Social Networking customers use AboveNet services to support content delivery for their end users
  • Online Communication, Content and Product providers use fibre networks to provide content for their on-line products such as MSN, Hot Mail, etc
  • Major Financial Institutions use WDM fibre optic connectivity to achieve their Financial Transaction Processing and Business Continuity needs
  • Hedge Funds use Ethernet networks to connect to the likes of NASDAQ and AMEX and move trading data between their offices
  • Oil and Energy customers use WDM networks to support their Geo Thermal Mapping Disaster Recovery needs
  • Internet Sales customers use high bandwidth network solutions to boast the efficiency of their sales and service

Offering you solutions that are data centre neutral: seeking the best connectivity solution for your needs

AboveNet provides custom, private fibre optic solutions that will best serve your network needs in your markets

  • Seamlessly extend your network to your customers
  • Private metro fibre network enables customers to meet these critical requirements
  • Scalability, whether your goal is to scale monthly or on demand, AboveNet will work with you to build a custom network that will grow along with your business needs
  • Lowest Latency, providing only carrier class electronics to light our state of the art fibre network, resulting in the fastest, lowest latency network available to support your demanding applications, whether deployed across a metro or across the United States
  • Business continuity, data storage and disaster recovery,
  • Continuous monitoring, our 24x7/365 Network Management Center (NMC) ensures your service is virtually error free
  • Private communications - eliminates vendor finger-pointing- with virtually unlimited capacity
  • Cost-effective solutions that bypass the Local Exchange Carrier
  • Eliminate vendor finger-pointing: Leverage dense, metro fibre network - with more than two million owned and operated fibre miles

All supported by expert knowledge spanning more than 20 years, enabling us to deploy and support the most demanding networks in the world