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AboveNet Metro Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) Services

Cost-Effective, High-Bandwidth Networking

Today’s critical business applications rely on Gigabit Ethernet services, transparent LAN/WAN services and business continuity storage services. Emerging VOIP and video applications require optical infrastructures to deliver the performance needed - at a cost that’s affordable.

  • Corporate networks need performance, efficiency, reliability and security to enable productivity
  • Network congestion and service interruptions cost productivity and revenue

A Compelling ROI Story

More networking power, Less price

In many cases customer’s can expect an almost immediate return on their investment at an OC-3 service level. As they grow their network and expand services they will discover the bottom-line economics of WDM-based solutions, when compared with traditional SONET/TDM based services.

Today, AboveNet connects thousands of businesses to each other and to their customers, partners and suppliers. When you combine our metro fibre with breakthrough WDM optical networking technology it changes the economics of delivering cost-effective networking to your enterprise.

How AboveNet Can Help Your Enterprise

  • Extend your LAN/WAN Across the Metro
  • Enable Storage Solutions
  • Bypass the Local Phone Company

With More Networking Power, Less Waiting

AboveNet’s Metro WDM services enhance your business needs today while offering a future-proof platform for growth. Now you can expand your network one wavelength at a time to reach more of your offices, employees, partners and customers with the applications that drive your business. Metro WDM delivers applications over all of today’s most popular network transport protocols.

And, when it’s time to deploy another business application provisioning is “plug-n-play? fast, you can just add another Gigabit Ethernet connection or an OC-12 connection. That’s because we designed our network architecture with fewer elements. In fact, there are only two layers: dark fibre and optical networking technology. Adding incremental service to your network can be as simple as plugging in optical cards into the Metro WDM solution.

The Performance You Expect

AboveNet offers high performance service with its unique combination of infrastructure and optical networking technology, with full service support of our state-of-the-art Network Management Center (NMC).

Start Today With Your Top Business Priority

Connecting two locations with a single wavelength service is fast and easy. It’s your choice where to start:

  • LAN/WAN extension. Offers a 40Gbps, 10Gbps, 2.5Gbps or 1Gbps wave service to extend your corporate LAN/ WAN to multiple, metro area locations
  • Business continuity. With a Fibre Channel, ESCON or FICON wave that can provide affordable data mirroring services, Storage Area Network (SAN) services and other Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Voice/Video over IP. With Gigabit Ethernet wave to economically deploy advanced business applications and seamlessly integrate emerging technology solutions into your network
  • Traditional telephony and data. Learn how an AboveNet SONET wave that bypasses the local loop can reduce expenses by replacing existing telco circuits with higher speed and greater capacity wavelengths
  • Highest Commercially Available Metro Transport. You can have 40 Gbps fibre connectivity via an OC-768 handoff at your premises

Protection Options

AboveNet has two primary protection service options to best meet your reliability and availability requirements—

  • Unprotected: Standard service configuration includes a point-to-point fibre network with single equipment configuration.
  • Protected: Mission-critical service configuration includes diversely routed fibre paths, and redundant optical networking equipment that protects service from fibre cuts and equipment failure

You Are In Control

As your business grows your network can expand with it. Whether your goal is to scale monthly or on demand, our Metro WDM Wavelength Services give back the freedom to innovate without forcing your business into restrictive technology interfaces imposed by traditional telephone companies, while enabling the network to grow along with your business needs.

Metro WDM Applications:

  • virtualization and the serverless office
  • real-time transactions backup  and high-speed business continuity
  • supports streaming multimedia
  • enable Storage Area Network (SAN) requirements for storage consolidation
  • delivering higher availability of mission-critical enterprise data and applications
  • e-commerce transactions

Metro WDM Benefits:

  • interconnecting and consolidating data centres
  • transparent extension of LAN across the MAN (Metro Area Network)
  • supports packetized voice
  • dedicates 100% of current & future platform growth to your needs

Metro WDM service descriptions

Custom Wave, with an interactive design approach incorporates complex customer requirements, next generation WDM technologies, and best of breed equipment platforms to deliver unique private network solutions to our most demanding customers.

Enhanced Wave offers dedicated, point-to-point transport service that connects customer locations with a starter package system that includes an initial circuit and supports either WDM- based or port based growth options.  Service is available as unprotected, protected or path protected with various circuit interfaces.

Basic Wave is a dedicated, point-to-point transport service that connects customer locations with a single circuit.  Service is available as unprotected, protected or path protected with various circuit interfaces but no ability for WDM- based service growth. With Multiport circuit options, port based growth is possible.