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AboveNet VPN

High Speed, Cost-Effective VPN Connections for Your Business

Offering up to 10 Gigabits per second of Ethernet connectivity between your critical locations, data centres, and carrier hotels.  You can bridge these fibre-based connections with a dedicated Ethernet city-to-city connection to two or more of your locations, extending your applications to most major US cities over an MPLS-based core network.

Less Complex, Lower Costs

  • Easily combine any of AboveNet’s VPN services and Internet Access.
  • 100% dedicated Ethernet city-to-city service connects two customer locations.
  • Start with a minimum commitment of 20, 50 or 100 Mbps of point-to-point connectivity between different cities and add bandwidth on-demand as your business grows.
  • Customer-dedicated metro fibre loop to AboveNet PoP, true fibre redundancy
  • Distant city-to-city component rides over AboveNet’s backbone.

Choose the VPN That Best Suits Your Needs

IPMesh: An end-to-end IP service that connects multiple locations in multiple cities together.

  • Provides High-bandwidth VPN Performance   
    Does your Enterprise need to expand key business applications across multiple locations, in different geographic markets? Then IPmesh can offer solutions providing end-to-end IP service to cost-effectively connect multiple locations in multiple cities together.

eMesh: An end-to-end Ethernet service that connects multiple locations in multiple cities together.

  • Can Extend your LAN across the WAN
    AboveNet eMesh delivers Ethernet-based, any-to-any connectivity to your locations. With VPN choices that provide all the performance and bandwidth you need, at significant cost savings compared to private lines and other legacy WAN solutions. Your applications will be transported over one of the industry’s leading IP/MPLS, Tier 1 backbones, enabling you to securely connect your corporate metro networks and help ensure your critical traffic has destination-certain delivery. Offers LAN like flexibility when you aren’t sure of your traffic patterns.

eWAN: End-to-end Ethernet service that connects two locations in two different cities.

  • Offers Reliable, Point-to-Point, High-bandwidth VPN Performance
    Today, enterprises like yours often need to expand key business applications to remote locations, in different geographic markets.  eWAN offers an end-to-end Ethernet service to connect two locations in two different cities.

You choose the Quality of Service:

  • Prioritize traffic to meet your needs:
  • Business critical traffic vs internet browsing, etc…
  • In the event of network congestion, premium QoS tiers get priority
  • You decide which of your traffic gets end-to-end priority.


Priority Tiers

Sample application


voice, delay sensitive


Video; packet loss




All other


Just A Few Of The Solutions An AboveNet VPN Can Provide Your Enterprise

  • LAN-to-LAN connectivity
    • Mainstay of IT network requirements
  • Data Center and application consolidations
    • Major driver in IT driven by cost and compliance
  • Internet Access to remote sites
    • Facilitate better management of IP access/security
  • VoIP between company locations
    • Cost savings: no per minute charges
  • Storage Area Networking
    • Storage-over-IP & storage-over-Ethernet gaining maturity
  • Medical imaging
    • Increasing demand
  • Telepresence
    • Requires significant bandwidth

Features & Benefits

  • Security – customer VPN traffic uniquely identified and separated from all other traffic
  • 4 QoS Classes (Critical, Preferred, Enhanced, and Basic) to help make sure your priority traffic gets where it needs to be
  • Enhanced productivity and cost efficiency with converged access over single port
  • Efficient network 50ms fast reroute– over IP MPLS-TE backbone
  • Future-proofing current bandwidth requirements
  • 100% dedicated fibre loops and handoff, exclusive loops to customer location
  • Service Level Agreements for availability, latency, packet loss, jitter

Enabling VPN Capabilities

  • Storage Area Networking (SAN)
  • Multimedia
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtualization and Server Farms
  • Content Distribution Networks
  • E-Business
  • Layer 3 protocol transparency and Security
  • Voice over IP

VPN Industry Applications

  • Finance
  • Bio Tech
  • Government
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Health Care
  • Transportation
  • Law Enforcement

... and your Enterprise needs