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AboveNet Metro IP

Unsurpassed Performance

Metro IP enables organisations to avoid the typical “last mile” bottleneck of the local loop by eliminating dependence on outdated local loop architectures, allowing them to focus on core business requirements.  And, by providing secure, private access to the Internet, Metro IP allows companies to avoid outdated bandwidth-limited solutions such as SONET, a service that lacks future-proof scalability.

Cost Savings

You can have real-time responsiveness when we connect your private fibre directly to the Internet backbone via AboveNet’s Tier 1 Point-of-Presence. Offering you a truly effective local access solution completely bypassing Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) central offices, while safeguarding your enterprise with less points of failure. When your day to day business demands require instantaneous exchange of mission-critical data and real-time communication, reliable connectivity and high-bandwidth can determine success or failure.

Features and Benefits

  • 10 Gigabit or Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity – secure, customer exclusive, private metro fibre
  • Simplified network architecture – eliminates legacy carrier involvement, points-of-failure, and costs
  • High-performance access with 1Gbps or 10Gbps connection– always available, with burst capability  
  • Unsurpassed customer service–single point of accountability: one call handles all customer needs
  • Tier 1 Internet Access combined with AboveNet’s unique fibre assets provides unparalleled performance with affordable pricing
  • Customer-portal access to monitoring and usage reporting – greatly reduces risk of service disruptions 

Metro IP delivers an optimal, cost-effective solution by combining AboveNet’s global IP backbone with high-performance Ethernet metro access over private fibre dedicated to the customer. By easily connecting corporate locations to this secure high-bandwidth conduit, AboveNet customers can immediately enhance their operational productivity, while realizing a return on their network investment.

AboveNet’s high-bandwidth Internet connection can add hours of productivity to the typical business day by combining familiar technologies into a task-enhancing design. Metro IP delivers high levels of Internet capacity to enable greater productivity for the most critical users, providing enhanced performance with cost savings.

Path Protected Metro IP Service Option

Add your controlling devices to our additional fibre path and you have a protected path for your critical applications. For an incremental monthly charge this option provides a physically diverse path. It helps eliminate the risk of service loss due to disruptions to the primary fibre route.