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Dark Fibre

AboveNet provides dark fibre on a fixed cost basis, providing a cost effective alternative to constructing private business networks. AboveNet has installed backbone fibre optic cables containing up to 864 fibre optic strands, which have significantly greater bandwidth than traditional analog copper cables. The AboveNet network is capable of using the highest commercially available capacity transmission (OC-192/STM64) and thereby can handle advanced, capacity-intensive data applications such as voice over internet protocol, video teleconferencing, Frame Relay, ATM, multimedia and internet-related applications as well as a whole host of other bandwidth intensive protocols.

AboveNet removes the need for incumbent telecommunications services and replaces them with an alternative, dedicated fibre optic network that enables the enterprise to exponentially grow and scale their operations on demand, increasing control, operational effectiveness, flexibility and most importantly scalability.

AboveNet has just about the highest network construction specifications in the industry, and the underlying duct infrastructure was built to ensure that it is almost impossible to get cut, damaged or vandalised. To date, AboveNet has never suffered a fibre cut on it’s London backbone since it was built in 2000/2001.

AboveNet’s London network boasts superior construction methods, 24/7 monitoring, anti-terrorist manhole covers and extremely accurate mapping tools amongst a whole host of other benefits, and as such leads the way in being able to offer detailed, premium quality solutions which consistently exceed customer expectations.

Dark fibre solutions from AboveNet deliver an unmatched value proposition. The days of the provider telling the customer what they can and can not do with their network are over. The rules have changed and the new concept is simple; the customer is in charge, and should have final and absolute control of the services, bandwidth, protocols, and technology deployed.

With the optical technology available today, a single strand of fibre can carry over 1.5 terabits of information per second - this number is increasing rapidly. Leasing dark fibre from AboveNet will meet any businesses growing demand for more bandwidth by giving them the ability to add capacity both quickly and cost effectively.

AboveNet metro-networks, combined with a portfolio of integrated solutions, enable customers to rise above legacy solutions to create truly customised infrastructures that enable real-time information exchange whenever and however it is needed.

AboveNet's Dark Fibre offers:

Virtually Unlimited Bandwidth At A Fixed Cost - Even as capacity requirements increase, fibre costs remain the same for the duration of a customer agreement.
Whether transmitting 100 Mbps or 100Gbps of data, the costs won't go up.

Unparalleled Security - Fibre leased from AboveNet is for the customer’s exclusive use. No other external traffic has access to this private network ensuring complete security.

Unmatched Survivability - AboveNet uses the highest grade of fibre optic cabling, making our network virtually error free. Bespoke network designs mean direct routing and true diversity can be achieved to safeguard customer data.