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AboveNet CoreWave

When you need to reduce costs, increase services and reach more customers AboveNet CoreWave is the answer, depending on market need. It can provide your Data Centre connectivity with virtually unlimited scalabilityof bandwidth ready to economically meet your present and future business needs.

High-performance connectivity created to meet your needs

AboveNet provides carrier and enterprise location interconnect between key Data Centers in major metro areas. A rock solid DWDM core platform connects your key business location.

CoreWave is a service-ready offering, providing you a Plug and Play, pre-positioned carrier-grade WDM platform to interconnect your applications to commercial Data Centres and Carrier Hotel locations.

Your enterprise or carrier organisation can leverage AboveNet’s proven fibre optic connectivity performance so your applications or your customer’s can easily access critical and collocation sites.

Extend Your Applications

CoreWave is ideally suited for:

  • Connectivity Access
    • IP Transit/Peering
    • Carrier Interconnectivity
  • Storage Area Network
    • Real-time and incremental data backup, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery
  • Hosting
    • Virtual Servers and Web Site Hosting
  • Media and Content Providers
  • Long Haul Connections / International Connections
  • Access to AboveNet services (VPN, eXpressWave Long Haul)
  • Wireless backhaul

Offering You Value:

  • Solve Access Issues
    • Connect to previously inaccessible facilities, such as local incombant operatives
    • High bandwidth, low latency, solution offering a complete bypass to congested LEC networks
    • Take control by having single vendor management of a powerful, high bandwidth end-to-end connectivity solution

Features and Benefits

  • Low latency, scalable bandwidth with speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Backup, Failover
  • Traffic Aggregation for IP & Media
  • Wide array of carrier and enterprise protocol support
  • Point-to-Point, unprotected and path protected configuration options
  • Shared platform: multiple customer circuits provisioned on same equipment chassis.
  • Service Level Agreements supported by 24X7X365 Network Management Center (NMC) monitoring
  • Easy to upgrade or add circuits
  • 30 day installation available for POP to POP connectivity
  • Simple contracts & ordering

CoreWave leverages AboveNet’s extensive metro fibre footprint to interconnect Data Centres with a shared DWDM platform as the long haul network interconnects Carrier Hotels and locations between intenational markets.

Available In These Major Metro Markets:
London, Amsterdam. Paris, Frankfurt, New York/New Jersey, Washington DC, Irvine LA, San Francisco/San Jose and Boston

*Additional sites coming soon