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Offer Terms & Conditions – Long Haul

We would like to offer you dedicated high-bandwidth connectivity allowing your company / business more choice to suit demanding needs, while ensuring performance and productivity are not compromised.

AboveNet Regional Promotion

AboveNet Communications Europe, Limited (“AboveNet”) is offering to waive its charges for a 3 month period where the Customer agrees to purchase 1GE or 10GE eXpressWave™  services (“Eligible Services”) with a minimum commitment of 15 months (the “Offer”).

Promotion Period:

1st June to 30th September 2011 inclusive

This Offer is available both to prospective and existing customers of AboveNet who purchase one or more Eligible Services during the Promotion Period in accordance with these terms and conditions of the Offer.

  • This Offer is subject to the following terms:
  • The customer agrees and signs AboveNet’s standard terms and conditions for the Eligible Service(s) which is the Master Product and Services Agreement (comprising the General Terms and Conditions, relevant Supplement for the Eligible Service and Order Form (the “Contractual Documents
  • The customer commits to a minimum term of service of 15 months;
  • The customer agrees that it shall be responsible for securing all third party licences, permits, permissions and approvals associated with the building that are necessary to install and maintain AboveNet’s equipment;
  • The Offer only relates to AboveNet eXpressWave™  PoPs/vPoPs. However, where the customer’s requirement is to connect to a location that is not a PoP/vPoP (“Alternative Location”), the PoP – PoP portion may still be subject to this Offer;
  • The Offer only relates to an AboveNet eXpressWave™  service where one of the AboveNet PoPs/vPoP is located within Frankfurt, Paris or Amsterdam
  • The customer agrees that it will be responsible for charges resulting from third party access services and where the Eligible Service is delivered to an Alternative Location;
  • Construction charges to Alternative Locations (including but not limited to charges associated with laterals and cross-connects), charges for third party services (including to connect from AboveNet PoPs/vPoPs to Alternative Locations) and other charges will be confirmed before execution of the Contractual Documents.  Any quotations provided in relation to such construction or other charges may be subject to survey.
  • The Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions offered by AboveNet;
  • The Order Form is signed and accepted by an authorised representative of AboveNet; and the Eligible Service is for the customer’s exclusive use.
  • AboveNet reserves the right to withdraw or amend this Offer for any particular customer, or generally, without notice and at any time.

  • Although AboveNet has used reasonable efforts to ensure that all information relating to this Offer is accurate, AboveNet will not be responsible for any inaccuracies in the documents relating to this Offer.  The Contractual Documents shall form the entire agreement between AboveNet and the customer in relation to the Offer.